Philip looking through picture frame made by thumbs and forefingers.
Philip C. Maurer is a writer who lives in Ohio. He is the founder and publisher of New Name Media.
Recent Work

When Israeli Settlers Meet West Bank Palestinians
An interview with Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger
The Christian Century, November 2022

I Have Built a Language
A review of How the Universe is Made by Stephanie Strickland
Tupelo Quarterly, May 2021

Something is About to Happen
A review of Space Struck by Paige Lewis
Tupelo Quarterly, April 2020

Get Ready for the Secret of Your Life
A review of Hawk Parable by Tyler Mills
Tupelo Quarterly, November 2019

A Young Poet Shaped by Religious Language
An interview with Nate Marshall
The Christian Century, April 24, 2019

Profiles in Local Agriculture

Grace Hill Farm
Amy & Max Breiteneicher
River Valley Market Member Newsletter. Spring 2015

Stoneman Brewing
Justin Korby
River Valley Market Member Newsletter. Spring 2014

Valley Malt
Andrea & Christian Stanley
River Valley Market Annual Report. Autumn 2014